Old HK Light sustainable values

Old HK Lights aims at offering sustainable alternatives for home decor, candles, gifting and souvenirs in Hong Kong. 

Living in the heart of Asia, mass production and mass consumption can rapidly feel overwhelming. All is available, at all costs, day and night. It’s sometimes hard to tell fake from authentic, to trace product origins.

It’s in this context that Alix Delahaye has decided to share her passion for second hand, thrifting and up cycling. Coming from Europe (France), this trend is much more wide spread. But here in Hong Kong styling one’s home sustainably with pre loved items can become a real challenge. Many vintage look alike items are actually mass shipped from Taobao. And all interior end up looking like Pinterest copy paste. 

Old HK Lights Interiors only sources pre loved objects (ceramics, statues, vases, furniture, …) which are then up-cycled and/or styled to offer them a new purpose and value. All is sourced in Hong Kong directly. 

Many of our clients didn’t know what souvenirs to bring back from HK before knowing OHL. So many souvenirs in HK are actually factory made and don’t hold much local vibe. Old HK Lights candles are 100% locally handmade by Alix in Hong Kong, in her Kwun Tong studio, making it an extremely local HK gifting option to bring back to your home country for the holiday. 

OHL also takes pride in only using sustainably sourced supplies: organic soy wax, organic pure essential oils, chalk paint, non toxic varnish, natural hemp wicks, recycled packaging. Each step of the way should be as natural and waste conscious as possible. We also make a lot to order to avoid over producing. Customisation at the center of our project. 

For your own interiors or for gifting, Old HK Lights is an amazing eco friendly go-to option:

- unique pieces 

- second hand sourcing 

- eco friendly materials 

- non toxic ingredients 

- minimal and recycled packaging 

- locally handmade in Hong Kong


Old HK Lights is your best option for handmade soy was candles, oriental decor and orientale furniture in Hong Kong, as well as for authentic Hong Kong souvenirs and gifts. And you can message us if you don’t find what you need on the website: we will be happy to brainstorm on customised options for you!