Candle Refills

At Old HK Lights, Alix, the founder, deeply cares about product sustainability. When it comes to candles, the challenge is to get more life from one vessel and reuse it multiple times. That’s why she decided to launch a refill service for OHL candles but not only. She also refills used vessels from other brands!

All refills will be made using same organic wax and organic essential oils as OHL regular candles. Scent is 6% of the total volume.

Cotton or hemp wicks are also included. 

Our goal is that your candle is as pretty as on the first day after refill!

Pricing is as follow: 85 hkd for 100 ml of wax + essential oils. Minimum refill is 600 ml. Minimum is waved if you also purchase a new candle. 

It is possible to purchase refill packages and use them progressively. 

Shipping is paid by client. We recommend using SF express to send the candles for refill. It is also possible to drop them in: Sheung Wan, Kwun Tung, Clearwater Bay. 

Please message us on social media or by email to book a refill. Or use the CONTACT FORM on this website. Thank you!