About OHL

Old HK Lights has been launched in early 2023 by Alix Delahaye, a French mom of 3 living for 6 years now in Hong Kong.

Alix has always had a passion for thrifting. And she’s very creative: she paints, crafts, renovates…! From her mom she learned how to pour candles as a child. That skill always came handy and as an adult she would refill her branded candle vessels when fully burnt.

That’s how she got the idea to fill up with wicks and wax some of the HK thrifted gems she was accumulating.

The concept behind Old HK Lights is that no vessel or object should be used if it can be found pre-loved. There is already enough waste in other industries, home decor should first re use what’s available. That’s why Alix thrifts and upcycles all the candle vessels and decors which are sold under the Old HK Lights project. 

She finds those second hand objects from individuals everywhere in HK, antique shops and stalls, restaurants shutting down, businesses used samples and houses being emptied. The main concern is: it won’t end up landfilled! So remember each object sold at OHL has been sourced with care and patience. 

Old HK Lights candles are poured with organic soy wax and mostly organic essential oils. Alix has children and pets and cares about a non toxic impact of her creations. OHL candles have a bright and pure flame and don’t create black smokes. 

Old HK Lights is a one person company and Alix does all the sourcing, making and shipping process by herself. Small is beautiful! All candles are handmade in her studio in Kwun Tung. 

Apart from candles, all other objects available at Old HK Lights have been thrifted during Alix’s field trips. They make gorgeous and authentic additions to more contemporary homes!